35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

This registry is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the 35th Anniversary Edition Ford Thunderbird and to maintain a registry of the 35th Anniversary Thunderbirds that were produced. According to the database of Marti Auto Works, there were 3,381 units, 792 of which were 5 speed manual, produced in 1990 by the Ford Motor Company. This model was a Thunderbird Super Coupe equipped with unique options and promotional items that comprised the 35th Anniversary Edition Package. It truly is one of Ford's finest automobiles ever sold to the public.

The 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry is a source of information about the 35th Anniversary Thunderbirds and a record of 35th Anniversary Thunderbirds that may still be in existence. Many registered owners are not members of any club but love their "35th". All 35th Anniversary Thunderbirds are welcome regardless of condition or use. Please think about registering if you are a 35th owner. There is no cost to register and you will be adding to the list of known 35th Anniversary Thunderbirds that are still around. All personal information is kept confidential within the Registry.

I hope you enjoy the 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry and Website.

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The Registry is grateful to Kevin Marti, of Marti Auto Works, for his production figures.
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