35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

How do I know it's a 35th Anniversary Thunderbird?

Over the years, many things can be changed, substituted, or completely left off of a 35th Anniversary Thunderbird. This makes a second, third, or even sixteenth owner possibly not know if his or her car is correct or complete. Many times a car is faked with technological slight of hand or just outright deception. The Registry has a few examples of supercoupes that were sold sporting a different color of paint and, in one case, a very ingeniously created fender decal that looks very "factory". Beware these imitations. Cars that are described as 35ths can be fakes, either by design or by lack of knowledge of the unfortunate owner who is now trying to sell it to you.

All 35ths were 1990 SuperCoupes. Ford was very specific about this. They were painted Black with the lower body pieces and the lower surfaces of the front and rear bumper covers painted Titanium Silver and equipped with the features shown below. They were not red, or silver, or all black, nor did they have cloth interiors. The suede used for the center part of the seats was a real "pig" suede, as evidenced by how badly they rot over the years from age and sun. For this reason, many owners at one time have reupholstered their cars with all leather or used some other material as a substitute for the original suede inserts. 35th fender badges are selling all the time at Ebay and swap meets so don't let a fender badge fool you. 35ths that have been destroyed or parted out can still yield a build tag for someone who might attempt to fake a 35th for some profit. The combination of the items shown below are your best bet to determine if your car might be a fake or, as has happened before, you learn your all black or all silver car is actually a 35th Anniversary. Hopefully this information will help to make sure a fake isn't sold to an unsuspecting buyer.

To identify a 35th Anniversary Thunderbird, look for the following:

-- Serial Number : 1FAxP64RxLHxxxxxx where x is pertinent to the particular vehicle in question. The "64R" identifies the car as a Super Coupe.

-- Vehicle Certification Label, shown here , which is a decal or sticker attached to the driver's door jamb. You need to see the following information described on that label.

1. Exterior Paint Code - YC (followed by YF on some cars). This denotes the black body color.
2. Body Code - SCZ. This denotes the SuperCoupe group of cars.
3. Int Trim - VJ. This identifies the leather and suede seating surfaces. Only 35th's had this code.

On the vehicle build or "buck" tag, which is attached to the passenger side upper radiator support under the hood , the tag must have:

1. The "B64SC" to identify it as a SuperCoupe.
2. These six digits should be the same as the ones in the VIN of the vehicle.
3. The "VJ" denotes the leather and suede interior.
4. ONLY 35ths will have "35TH" stamped here on that tag.

In this example, "MOON" denotes the moonroof, "KEY" and the "KE" denote keyless entry.

Visually the car should have the following :

Black leather seats with grey suede inserts surrounded by thin blue piping.   Blue pinstripe, 35th fender badges, black SC wheels with black center caps and blue accent emblem.

35th anniversary emblems in interior door panels.   Blue accented hood emblem.

The reflective supercoupe taillight panels also have blue accented emblems on the left and right sides.

Disclaimer: This summary is meant as a guide to assist in determining the authenticity of a 35th Anniversary Thunderbird. The final determination of a car's authenticity is the sole responsibility of the parties involved.