35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

Club and Information Links
(Note: I highly recommend looking at SCCoA Links Page and TCCoA Links Page
for some of the most comprehensive lists of links about Thunderbirds on the net. )

Super Coupe Websites    
Super Coupe Club of America   http://www.sccoa.com
Thunderbird Cougar Club of America   http://www.tccoa.com
New Jersey Thunderbird and Cougar Club   www.njtacc.com
Super Coupe Club of Iowa - Facts and Figures on SC's   http://www.sccoia.org/
Performance Parts and Accessories for Super Coupes   http://www.supercoupeperformance.com/
Differences between standard and SC 3.8 engines   http://www.sccoa.com/articles/everwonder.php

Other Thunderbird Registries and Clubs    
1995 40th Anniversary Thunderbird Website and Registry   http://members.tccoa.com/shawn40th/Flynbird/40thann/40thann.htm
North American Turbocoupe Organization (NATO)   http://www.turbotbird.com
Thunderbird Registry - For all Thunderbirds   http://www.tbirdregistry.com/
A Fun Club for Owners of New & Classic TBirds   http://www.tbirdfans.com/

Personal Favorites    
Helm Publications for factory shop manuals   http://www.helminc.com
Green Sales - Discontinued New Old Stock Ford Parts   http://www.greensalescompany.com
Parts locator for all brands of vehicle   http://www.partsvoice.com/
A very impressive online parts catalog for all makes of vehicles.   http://www.rockauto.com/
Factory original hubcaps, wheel covers, and used center caps: all years   http://www.hubcaps.org/tbird.html