35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

I have been into Fords, particularly 65-73 Mustangs, since 1971 when I was in high school. Some of the cars I have owned are a 1968 GT500 Shelby, 1966 GT350H, 65 GT A code fastback, 70 351 C 4V coupe, an 84 Mustang SVO, as well as a pristine yellow 1970 Boss 302 I bought from the original owner in 1979. In 93, I bought an 89 black Supercoupe from the original owner. I really liked the car and how it performed. The Thunderbird SuperCoupe really impressed me as far as the overall package, because of it's newer technology and the way the package works.  
I fell in love with the 35th Anniversary edition SC when it came out in 1990 but I wasn't in the position to purchase one new. After selling the 89 SC for various reasons, I always missed having an SC. In late 2001, I decided to sell the Boss 302 and could only think of a 35th to replace it. I learned there was no active Registry for the 35th's, so with the help and support of the SCCoA and other knowledgeable SC'ers, I started the Registry for the 35th Anniversary Thunderbirds in October of 2001. Being a computer technician since 1992, I became my own webmaster and created the site you see here. The response has been tremendously positive and the Registry has been welcomed by 35th Anniversary owners and enthusiasts from all over the world. This is great fun for me and more importantly is hopefully providing a fun and informative resource for 35th Anniversary owners and enthusiasts. Many registered members do not belong to any clubs. They just like their cars and wanted to be a part of the Registry. All 35th Anniversary owners are welcome. Some cars may not be running but they are just as important. The 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry strives to provide fun, information and assistance for owners of 35th's everywhere.

I would like to thank everyone, members and non-members, who have expressed their support and gratitude. It is very much appreciated.

Lance Morgan, Administrator,
35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry.