35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

Registry Announcements
-- IMPORTANT REQUEST -- Please advise the Registry if you or someone you know is parting out or has crushed a totalled 35th Thunderbird. It would be to everyone's benefit if the serial number of that vehicle is registered to eliminate the possibility of that serial number being "faked" and an unsuspecting buyer be defrauded later. Help keep any fake 35ths from being used to defraud anyone.
Thank you.
-- 35th Anniversary 5-speeds-- It has been mentioned that an article appearing in a Road and Track during the 1990 year reported that there were 147 5 speed Anniversary Thunderbirds built. The Registry can not currently verify that as fact. If anyone knows of any publication where this is stated, It would be appreciated if that information is passed along to the Regisry for verification. Until that number is verified by a reputable source, it is advised not to hold that number in too high regard at present.