35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

Stripe Kit Dimensions and Application

The 35th Anniversary Thunderbird stripe kit is Ford part number F0SZ-6320000-AAA and is no longer available from Ford. The kit is comprised of 8 sections and instructions for application. There are a few from sources such as Ebay or private owners and from time to time, a kit will come up on some wholesale Ford internet sales outlets.

Ford stripe dimensions are of interesting measurements. Over the 25 years I have dealt with Shelbys and Bosses, I came to learn that Ford would use stripe dimensions in increments of 32s. Many times the stripes may look very close to 1/4 or 1/8 but usually it's 1/32 less than that. Ask Ford because I don't know why. :-) The diagram below shows the 35th body stripe in it's four sections for the passenger side. The diagram is NOT to scale. The driver side will simply be a mirror image of that. Just about half way at each of the longer piece of the end sections, the stripe begins to taper slightly until the end thickness, of all things, 1/8 inch. The end pieces at the end of the taper apply to the appropriate bumper cover, thus wrapping around a bit past the end of the fender. As mentioned below, the rear is longer than the front.

These dimensions were taken from an original unused Ford NOS stripe kit I have and using my own 35th for reference. Allowing for differences in machine cut, stretching when applied, and other variables, this is as accurate as I feel I can be. The stripe vinyl has an ever so slight texture to it, as opposed to how a bubble pack stripe kit you buy at a parts store is smooth. I have compared a number of different blue stripe kits to this one and the closest I have found is just plain blue 3M. After years of fading and replacements, it won't make much difference when it comes to the value of the car in collector arenas. So if you ever want to replace your 35th stripe, here are the basics and hopefully a good reference for having some made or if you just wanted to know. I hope you find this information helpful.

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