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Door Hinge Replacement

Replacing Door Hinges.
by SCCoA member, JerryRed94SC

I replaced the pins and bushings on the driver door on my 94 SC. I used the universal pin and bushing kit #38400 that you can buy at any auto store that sells HELP! kits and replacement parts. They were easy to replace. First remove the ground connector from the battery. You don't have to disconnect any wiring at the door, but you need to disconnect the battery to be safe. Next open the door and position a floor jack under the door to support it and make sure to cover the jack with a towel to protect the paint on the door. Get someone to hold the door for you while you remove the bolts from the DOOR SIDE ONLY of both hinges. Pull the door out away from the car as far as the wiring will let you. Now you can get at the tops of the hinges to remove the pins. Grind off the top of the pins (a dremel tool with a rasp bit works good). Look at the orientation of the hinge, and you can drive the pins out of each hinge with a tapered punch. Knock the bushings out of the hinge half that falls off after you removed the pins and install the new bushings that come in the kit. The door side hinge half is the only one that moves with the door, so it is the only half that has bushings.

You are now ready to put the hinge back together. The new pins are longer than they need to be, so measure them against the old pins and cut them about 1/4 inch longer. Round off the end of each pin with a file or better yet a grinding wheel if you own one. Now put the hinge back together being CAREFUL to align the stop on the hinge so it is oriented right. It stops the door so it doesn't open too far. The pins drive in from the bottom and are knurled next to the head to seat them and hold them in the hinge. I used an air impact hammer that works fast and great. Otherwise you will have to pound them in with a hammer and punch. The drivers door took me about an hour. You may need to replace the door striker bolt if it is worn badly. You need to check the door alignment after you get the screws back in the hinge. Be patient and the alignment isn't too hard. You need this other person to help hold the door while you adjust the bolts. You now have a door that works like new, and you saved about $50. labor per door. The kits are cheap. Good Luck!
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