35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

Moonroof Seal Replacement

Here is one procedure to replace the moonroof seal on your 35th. After a time the seal will shrink and allow the ends to gap letting water and air seep through. Try to install the seal in the shade and with the temperature at least 60 degrees.
George Davenport, of the SuperCoupe Club of America, has found the moonroof seal at :

Webasto order desk: 800-860-7866
Part no: S1590-E-5010C-A (as of January 2002), Starlite-6 Gasket Assembly
(Old Part no: S1286-D5010A)
Price: about $40
Thank you, George. (Ford's price for the seal is not something you want to know. )

To remove the glass panel:
1. Run the glass rearward not quite half way.
2. Unsnap the black plastic rim (or halo as it is called in the manual) that surrounds the glass by pulling down gently on the edge toward the front
3. Operate the moonroof to raise the glass to the vent position. (rear edge up. ) then slide the halo rearward into the area behind the opening and out of the way.
4. Remove three phillips screws on the left side of the glass and then the right side of the glass.
5. From outside of the car, carefully lift and remove the glass from the frame.

Now place the glass on a soft working surface with the top side up and you're ready to do the seal.
Remove the seal from the glass and thoroughly clean the metal channel where the seal goes.
To insert the new seal, begin inserting the new seal with the end starting on the passenger side of the glass. Be very careful not to stretch the seal as you install it. Apply weatherstrip adhesive to hold the seal at points along the channel, particularly at the corners. I found the seal to be difficult to hold it's shape at the corners without using adhesive to keep it there. Patiently work the seal into place around the channel until you are about 2 to 3 inches from the beginning edge. At this point, you need to keep in mind that the seal will shrink over time. You need to cut the seal at least 1/16th of an inch longer than where it will meet to the beginning edge. At the beginning edge, slip the other end of the seal into the channel and butted up against the beginning edge. You will then have to work the seal backwards the way you came and mold the seal to fit down into the channel. Let the adhesive cure for a short time and you're done.

To replace the glass panel:
1. Operate the moonroof to lower the glass frame about 1/4 of the way.
2. From outside of the car, position the glass into the frame and install the phillips screws finger tight on the center ones and tighten the outer ones.
3. Lower the glass panel down into the roof opening and then just where the glass drops below roof level. (NOTE: Do not let the glass travel rearward or you might damage the plastic halo.)
Then raise the glass back up to stop at the flush position.
4. Adjust the glass as necessary for fit and then tighten all phillips screws.
5. Slide the plastic halo forward to it's proper position.
6. Operate the moonroof glass rearward about 1/4 of the way and snap the halo back into place.

Now you should be done and the glass should seal. Remember to keep the remainder of the seal you have left for spare in case the seal shrinks with age and you can cut a piece to fit into the gap.

I have tried to be as thorough as I can. This is how I did it according to the factory shop manual. I hope you find this helpful.

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