35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

Supercharger Fluid Maintenance

For those SC owners who might not know, you need to periodically check the fluid level on the supercharger. The level of the fluid should be up to the bottom of the threads of the fill plug opening which is located just at the back of the top of the snout of the supercharger. The plug is removed with a 3/16 allen wrench or socket head. The supercharger fluid is Ford part number E9SZ-19577-A. I am told that GM has the same fluid at a cheaper price than Ford. I just have always used the Ford fluid and it lasts a long time under normal circumstances. Fluid checking is vital to the health of the supercharger. I have always checked mine at each oil change. When I had an 89 SC back in 93, I came across a guy who had just bought a 35th. His dad gave it to him to use for the advertising business he was in. I asked him how he liked the car and he loved how it ran. I then asked if he had checked the supercharger fluid being a used car and he said "what supercharger?". He had never opened the hood the entire 3 months he had owned the car. He didn't even know SC meant supercoupe. This is how many superchargers go bad. The fluid level is never checked. Low fluid can also cause the seals to prematurely fail. So add checking the supercharger fluid level to your normal maintenance and you will have a healthy supercharger to power your SC.