35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

35th Anniversary Build Tags

The following information is as accurate as current Registry information suggests.
My sincerest thanks to all who have volunteered information to help.
1 xxxx           B64SC              xxxxxx XXXX - bay or assembly stall #)
B - (unknown.)
64SC - Body style 64, SC - super coupe
XXXXXX - the last 6 digits of the VIN
2   M                                          1R M - (Unknown. )
1R - unknown
3                               KE KE - ("keyless entry". The registered cars without keyless entry don't have "KE" here or the "KEY" in line 5.)
4 VJ                 LH   xxxx     xx VJ - V for suede insert, J for ebony trim
LH - L for 90, H for Loraine(where all tbirds were built)
XXXX - this is the build date in 1990 of the cars. )
XX - (This is the DSO of the cars.)
5 MOON       KEY                      35TH MOON - moonroof (If so equipped.)
KEY - keyless entry (If so equipped.)
35TH - indicating the 35th anniversary model
6    xRx    DIM       T5                0K50x x - unknown (Some cars have a Y or a 7 here.)
R - unknown (So far all cars have this.)
x - Transmission type. (T for automatic, 2 for 5 speed.)
DIM - Automatic headlight dimmer (If so equipped.)
T5 - unknown (So far all 35th's registered have this.)
0K50x - (Unknown. An 89 SC had 9K503 here so the first digit may be the year, 9 for 89, 0 for 90, etc.So far, 35ths have 503 or 506)