35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

Registering with the 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

To register your 35th with the 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry, just email the Registry at webmaster@35thatr.org and supply the information shown below.
All information submitted to the Registry is confidential and strictly for the Registry files. Don't worry if your car isn't running or you think it's not good enough for the Registry. All 35th Anniversary Thunderbirds are welcome regardless of their condition, including wrecked, destroyed, or parted out vehicles.

- Name______________________________________________________
- Address____________________________________________________
- City, State, Zip______________________________________________
- Country (if not in the United States)_____________________________
- Phone number______________________________________________
- Age_________________
- E-mail address______________________________________________
(If faxing, please use proper capitalization of your email address)
- Odometer reading____________________________________________
- VIN (on your door and dash tag)________________________________
- The codes stamped into your build tag (this is the stamped metal tag under the hood on your radiator support)
The build tag will look something like this although some information will vary:

Example of Build Tag Your Build Tag
Line 1: 2022   B64SC   100000 __________________________
Line 2: M                      1R __________________________
Line 3:      KE __________________________
Line 4: VJ       LH 0220   21 __________________________
Line 5: MOON KEY      35th __________________________
Line 6: RT        T5        0K503 __________________________

- Transmission type - (automatic or 5 speed)_______________________
- Any modifications you have made to your 35th.
- Any personal information you may wish to provide about you and your car.